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Individual Voluntary Agreement

Individual Voluntary Agreement: The Best Way Out of your Debt (Without More Debt!)

Apply For The Best Debt Relief Plan For Your Own Circumstances

Independent Advice. No Bankruptcy. No loss of Dignity.

An Individual Voluntary Agreement is another term for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement.

An Individual Voluntary Agreement is a form of debt management programme set up by the government as part of the 1986 Insolvency Act to deal with the growing problem of personal insolvency. We are licenced to give debt advice on the basis that Individual voluntary arrangements are not one-size-fits-all quick fixes to debt problems; indeed every situation can be greatly different from the next.

In most cases an Individual Voluntary Agreement will run for five years and upon completion all the debts will be said to have been discharged from your credit record.

The Individual Voluntary Agreement has all the benefits of bankruptcy but none of the drawbacks. In recent years IVAs have come to be seen as a less draconian alternative to bankruptcy and certainly it has none of its stigma.

An Individual Voluntary Agreement will write off most of your debt at the start of its programme. Beware of the claims made by some firms: the amount written off is seldom more than 60 or 65 percent of debt. Any good debt management advice of this nature will ensure you get the best results for your own particular circumstances with the lowest monthly repayments together with the highest proportion of debt written off.

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Individual Voluntary Agreement



Whenever most of us use an individual voluntary agreement our quality of life is not really significantly interrupted. Compare this with the damage that bankruptcy or sequestration would have on us. With correct debt remedies all net income along with expenditure are taken into account and the whole lot can be regarded as a whole.






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